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My Vision

My vision is to prepare our next generations for the challenging, complex and unpredictable future.

With the growing scope of technology, machines taking over our professional lives, influence and impact of the social media on our personal lives; I strongly believe in designing and providing an affordable education system to our children that can equip them with the right kind of skills set, frame of mind and attitudes. 

My main goal as an educator is to create a positive difference in the lives of those who connect with me. I wish to motivate the teachers to use inquiry-based teaching and learning, differentiation and assessment. This was the motivation behind opening my own school and special needs center in Pakistan.

Way forward...

We are expanding and will be opening a school for research and scientific studies soon in Rawalpindi and our 2nd center for special needs in Faisalabad. We are also planning to open a center for teachers' training to provide them with help and guidance in learning new teaching methods. 


As a pedagogical leader, I work alongside my team of teachers where we discuss the progression of the children and regularly assess their development and nurture them according to the IB Learner Profile. 
I conducted many workshops for the teachers for differentiation, free and guided inquiry; and the formative assessment of skills,
concepts, and attitudes. I also conduct workshops for parents to make them familiar with the Units of Inquiry, learning styles, differentiation, and assessment.
Current educational trends across the globe reflect significant changes in student populations from two or three decades ago. The inclusion of students from non-English speaking backgrounds, students with special needs, students from diverse cultural backgrounds and students on accelerated programs, compel educators to relook at their teaching and instructional practices. The homogeneity of yesteryear has been replaced by widespread diversity
, however, in many contexts; some educational set-ups do not appear to have adjusted their methods to keep abreast of these trends. 
Therefore, you will always see me working for 'change'; change that is desired and required to meet the futuristic challenges.
Along with my passion to work for Primary Years; I am also fond of corporate training.

I have studied and worked in Pakistan, UK, USA, and UAE. I have been a school leader for about 17 years. 

My Qualifications

  • Currently pursuing RBT (Registered Behavior Technician) License from USA

  • Preschool Curriculum Course – HighScope Research Foundation, Michigan, USA

  • CPD Special Education – Understanding Autism - Ireland

  • CPD Special Education - Applied Behavior Analysis - Ireland

  • M.Sc Educational Studies – UK

  • PGDC Tutoring Skills - UK

  • PGCC/ Management of Change – UK

  • PGC Education Manager 1 & 2 - UK

  • Post Graduate Certificate Course – UK

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Primary Education - PK

  • M.A Elementary Education - PK

  • B.A Education & Social Work - PK

I have also attended most of the IB PYP workshops.


[All the underlined words have a link to the website of the university or institution I have attended. In case you are looking for a similar qualification or course to attend.]

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